Regular tire rotation: The benefits last all year

There are two very good reasons that our service technicians at Rusty Wallace Kia Morristown in Morristown, TN recommend rotating your tires regularly. One is to help your tires last longer, and the other reason is help you drive more safely as you travel over the holidays. The reason a tire rotation enhances safety and longevity is because each of your tires wears out at different rates, so rotating your tires helps your tires wear more evenly. 

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Much of the reason for wear-out variance is your drive system: Tires on the "drive" wheels simply wear out faster. For example, if you have front-wheel-drive, the front wheels do most of the steering, braking and putting power to the pavement. In addition, the front wheels probably bear the weight of the engine that's located in front. Rotating your tires means your tires are sharing the load instead of putting it all on the two front tires.

What exactly does "rotating your tires" even mean?

The word "rotating" might sound like your wheels are just spinning around, but it actually means your tires are each being moved to a different position on your car. For example, with front-wheel drive, each front tire can be moved directly to the rear spot on the same side. Then each of the two rear tires moves to the opposite front corner. Rotations are different with other drives but the process keeps you safer around Jefferson City, TN.

In the first rotation scheme, the two rear tires that were getting the least wear-and-tear go to the front where they will be getting more of a daily workout. Since the tires moved to the front will work harder for a while, their tread will wear out faster so they soon have as much tread wear as the tires that just got moved to the back. Meanwhile, the tires that were up front get a rest by being moved to the rear.

Rotation patterns are different for rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive

We won't go into all the details of how each tire gets moved on the other two drive systems, but trust us that each rotation scheme accomplishes the same objective: Allow all four tires to wear out as evenly - and as close to the same rate - as possible. When tread depth and wear patterns on all four tires are roughly the same, every tire can grip the road with about the same degree of success, so your ride is smoother and safer.

Do tires on a four-wheel-drive need to be rotated at all?

It's easy to see why people would assume that they don't since power is, in theory, going to all four wheels at about the same rate. But in real life, it doesn't work that way. All-wheel-drive systems aren't driving all four tires at the same rate all the time. Power can be shifted from front wheels to rear wheels frequently, and the total "stress" and wear each tire gets depends on road conditions and which drive mode is selected: Snow, Sand, etc.

That's a partial explanation for why even all-wheel- or four-wheel-drive vehicles still need tire rotation since tires are still wearing at different rates. It's a practice that helps keep our neighbors in Bean Station and White Pine, TN safer around Christmas and all year long.

How often should I rotate my tires?

In most cases, our technicians at Rusty Wallace Kia Morristown recommend rotating your tires with every oil change, or every six months, whichever comes first.

Is tire rotation a good idea before a long Christmas-time road trip?

Unless you very recently rotated your tires, a rotation helps maintain good tread depth for snowy or icy conditions. It also helps even out your wear patterns, all of which makes for safer driving in winter. Before you take off for a Christmas or New Year's visit to family and friends, ask us to winterproof your vehicle by examining key safety components and replacing or repairing as needed.

We want to help make sure you and your family have a holiday journey that's as safe and enjoyable as possible. 


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